The very first time I make Bermuda (male pants) for HIM .....
When I looked at the pattern scheme, I got intimidated right away ... that is why I've postponed the project until the last minute when my husband claimed for his "bermuda" .
I supposed to make a joint on the pants, instead I cut it as one piece,... no wonder it drape funny ;(. (Pattern no. 530) size 54 (big for him)
The thing I hate is drafting the pattern, then transfer it to the fabric and cut it. I like when I start to sew especially when it's smooth ....hhmmmm...

I drafted the pattern one size too big for him, I didn't realize ... I must have thought,... better bigger than smaller. I did some alterations here and there,... quiet alot actually.
I assembled the whole pieces first, like attaching the side pockets, make holes for the front panel pockets,...attaching the zipper.... basically everything! The pants has to be 90% ready for him to try it on.
Of course, I was hoping that the pants would just suit him miraculously, but unfortunately some adjustments need to be made.

First the fitting is not correct, Told ya I did some alterations... I tug a bit here and there until it fits him. Done!

Second, the zipper is weak and short, so I replaced the zipper with the bigger one.... hopefully stronger.... and longer. Too bad the color is black. Not just that, I forgot how to attach the front fly zipper,.... so I  re-do a few times.

Third, apparantely he likes his pants to sit between the hip and the waist, mmmhhh... for instance, I only wear low waist for pants and skirt... so for this I agree with him. To adjust to his needs, I lower the waistline by taking 3cm off from the top part.

.... and somehow the side pockets are too heavy for the pants, I know it's due to its material. The material is not fantastic for this type of pattern, it is sort of big fibre cotton, I'm sure there is a name for this type of cotton. I took off one of the side pockets, .... not much of a help though. I even ruin the fabric a little bit ... ;(

After the ordeal, the pants is ready,... still I'm not satisfied, I can do better than that, if only I use different material .... so not cool.
Oh, I don't know if its going to shrink or not after washing.... what a waste of a hardwork if it is going to be ...

He thinks he can get away from my "signature"?... hahaha think again!
Playa Arena is ....
about (more or less) 10 km away from where I live with car. One of the tourist area, very close to Los Gigantes. The beach itself is not that big, but yesterday I was surprised to see so many people there, the beach was crowded. I actually went to try my new bikini, I was happy. I really like my bikini, I've should buy another. I didn't have the picture of my bikini,... I get all distracted by the amount of people on the beach. I was happy and relaxed, that's all that counts.

Do you see many people standing on the edge of the beach,... yup they were waiting for the waves to hit them. I was there, I followed what people doing, ...  I almost drowned, I couldn't escape fast enough when the waves came, I couldn't run bcoz the sands under my feet drags me toward the ocean instead of helping me to reach the shore.... **what am I babbling about...? The waves was very big and tall... but short.... likes small tsunami. I got all wet and covered with black volcanic sands. It was fun though.

The dark orange cassaca I was wearing is made by me when I was still in Bologna. The material is an Indian silk, one of my favourite bcoz it's light for the hot weather like now. The material is a gift from my sister in law, bought in India, the best gift someone ever gave me,... apart from my new laptop...(my 30th bday gift!). To me parfume and shoes are no longer my favourite gift.... oh yeaa,,,, don't ever buy me clothes... never! but buy me fabric instead pleassseeeee........
The temperature was 31 degrees, but humid ... makes even more feels hot. Even so, I still like summer more than winter.
No matter how I'd love to be at home with my sewing machine, I still need a fresh air once in a while ....
Yesterday morning, me and the two of my girlfriends, we went to Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is the biggest and main town in Tenerife. From where I live it's 60-70 km in motorway. Around 60 minutes to get there...? I think.
Been there a couple of times already with my husband, but this time is with my gfriends, girls out, different feeling.

We stop and parked the car on the basement of the shopping mall, it's free and sheltered from the sun. From there we walked to Corte Ingles (un-necessary expensive), Saturn and return to the shopping mall with many other shops.

I bought a chocolate brown bikini, love it... I'll take a shot when I go to the beach. I went around- in and out the shop to get the right bikini before. I found it in Women Secret..... a lingerie shop. It was on sale, so it's a bargain.

Rebajas is the word I learned for SALE. Saldi in Italian. Every girl should know these words ;)

I get all inspired with so many sun dress around the shops. Can't buy all of them, but I returned home with the urge of sewing a sun dress for my self. Lastnight I started to work on the pattern in my mind, so basically it's still a plain idea in my mind.

Will keep you update though.
Have a nice warm day everyone.


I'm practicing on writing in Indonesian,... sorry if you find a hard way to understant it ;)

By the way, for the upper part of the dress (bust), it's padded so that I can wear it bra-less. The material is batik and for the skirt part it's somekind of cotton. I don't know yet if its going to shrink or not after washing though.
Akhirnya kesampean juga punya daster. Wanita Indo mana sih yg ga suka pake daster, apalagi pas udara sumuk kaya gini. Uda lammmmmaaaa sih ingin jait daster, cuma pas itu ga kesampean, habis pas masih di Bologna, sering pegi pesta... alah.... arisan gitcuuu,... jadi kan kudu bikin baju hang-out, mosok arisan pake daster?!
Berhubung disini nih, ... suasananya summer holiday teyusss,... jadi males kalee bepergian pake baju ribet dan high heels. Yang ada flip flop an gitu. Iya lah,...namanya juga sea side. Udaranya juga warm all year around. Ga pke winter, jaket jaket suka ga kepake. Kadang sih berangin,.... angin sepoi sepoi agak agak twister lah.... hehehe
Sebetulnya asyik jg nulis pake basa ngawur begini,..... cuma ntr kakak iparku gag bisa baca,...ngomel ngomel dia..... Sempet sempetnya ya dia baca yg beginian,...keliatan bgt kan ga da gawean.....hahahaha..... joke!
kata dia sih : I´d like to be inspired by reading your activity.... hahaha...plisss deh,,, padahal sih dia cuma ingin memantau kegiatanku dsni. Whateva lah ya,... ga ganggu sapa sapa ini.
Gotta go nih,... dinner blum ready.... kudu nginem sexxy (x-nya doble karna super seksiiii) lageee... muachhhhhhh
Years of sewing,.... never actually make the cushion before....
Requested by my husband, who happen to sitting down a lot on the plastic chair these days. Some material is recycle, which is the inner sponge. He found the sponge on the side of the street, seemed like somebody just done some refurbishing in the house. Square and rectangular sponges inside the box. They are clean aswell. He brought it home and demanded the cushion for his chair.

I postpone the project quite a while,... and today I thought I need to get it done and over with, bcoz I want to sew a dress!

The material is tapestry, suitable for couch or sofa. I can't remember what I want to make with the fabric  before. Ah,... nevermind, at least now come out usefull in the right time.

Basically I cut square (the size is up to you), my size is 40cm each side. I add 2cm for the heigh and 1.5cm for the seam allowance. Added all to each side. Sew all around, leave 10cm for the opening. Turn it inside out, insert the sponge, sew the opening close and you´r done.
If you use the colourfull material, the cushion would look more cheerfull.

I made two cushions to sit on and two others to hold the back. Very comfy and I'm very pleased with the result. Making the cushion is actually very rewarding, super easy project to start with, and everyone in the family can enjoy the cushion too.

Happy cushion everyone!
Some pictures of The O- wristlet I'd like to share ......
Took me hours to take the nice, clean and crisp pictures,..... crazy eh-
I think they can make a nice gift to your loved one or even better for yourself, find them HEREinTHEshop
Have you ever fly with budget airline? ....
they only allow 10 kg hand luggage, nothing more,.... not even allow to carry an extra tiny bag,.... to carry a cellphone, a packet of tissue,.... passport or ID card ,... boarding pass,...a pen..?!

Everytime I fly with them, my both hands are always occupied. One hand carrying 10kg luggage, another hand busy with passport and boarding pass, ready to be shown to the hostess. And I also need my cellphone to text my husband, to let him know : I´m boarding now, talk later...

But, where is my cellphone,.... together with other stuff inside my one and only 10 kg luggage...??!!!! I can't be bother to open up my suitcase in that moment... to look for my phone, so not practical.
Not anymore though,... I made this Organizer Wrislet to accomodate my travel essential everytime I'm on the road. This O -Wristlet helps you to be practical, it has two large zippered  pocket.........for safety, has usefull strap for your wrist,... and also good looking to carried around (y'know,...... you may find some travel pouch is so not trendy, so you´d rather not to be practical)
Not only good for travelling, this O-Wristlet also very chic for a night out clutch, simply hide the strap inside.

The O-Wristlet : Trendy and practical, for travelling, wedding occasion, bridesmaid, party & night out also as a charming gift.
I went to the flea market this morning....
it was around 10 am, so the sun wasn't on the highest, otherwise I'll have another headache like yesterday.
The market full of unexpected items. I saw a few old and vintage sewing machine,... they want 67euro or something, I thought if they want 20 euros, I'd like to take it home with me ;p
They have tools, clothes... maybe second hand.  Shoes,... they look second hand!,... cooker, oven, many.... so many...
The market set on the open space, that's why I said, it was hot! I was lucky at least I have my hat and scarf to cover up.
The market is every sunday, in La Galletas. I think 10 am was a bit late, may worth to be there at 8 am.

I only took one shot of the market, bcoz my husband said,... "oh, come on... we aren't tourist anymore..."
so I felt out of place to take a picture, silly me...
Went to the beach today afternoon. I can't remember the beach name, but it's around Callao Salvaje. One of the tourist area....
I sat close to the big rock, the rock come as a shelter, covered me from the direct sun. It was around 4. 30 in the afternoon but the heat was unbearable (for me!).
We were there for less than an hour, but I already drained. I felt the heat fatigue, dizzy,.... a bit hungry (it was an afternoon tea time afterall).... and burnt.
The beach itself was nice. Not so many people around, I mean it's month of August and it was saturday afternoon. But there are so many Playa in this island, so I guess the tourist are spreads around.
The typical beaches in this islands are black sands (volcanic sands), dark blue water and the water is slightly colder than the normal beach (it is an open ocean beach). The water is actually very clean, but bcoz of the black sands, it's hard to see whats underneath. Makes the water doesn't look transparant, but dark.
I deliberately didn't bring my swimming costume. I didn't actually wants to go in the first place,.... to the beach.... in the hot day!
When I arrived back home, I had a strong headache.....actually I still have headache right on this moment. I hope will be gone by tomorrow.
And I wish everyone a wonderful weekend ;)
Speaking about zipper, I just found out ....
that you can buy zipper by the meter. Thanks to my girlfriend who took me to the sewing supplies shop this afternoon. I've been round and round the Chinesse shop (yeaaa,.... I said I wouldn´t go there but I went anyway to four Chinesse bazaar to look for a decent looking and reasonable price zipper). I mean, I need more than one, so I want the right price for sure.
When I went to the shop and asked for zipper, the shop keeper show me the normal zipper (suitable for clothes not bag), cost 50cents each for 30cm long. I thought, the price is almost correct .... but I want to pay cheaper than that ;)
She saw me struggling calculating the cost (.... the cost of zipper?!), then she show me (..fffiiuuhh......finally) the zipper by the meter. She was holding two big bulk rolls of zipper. At first I was confused, where is the beginning and the end of the zipper?!  Then she shows me how to insert the head,... seems easy I thought.
Practically, you buy by the meter (50cents/meter), I asked for 4 meters and I asked 10 pieces of zipper head (5cents each).
Total : 2.50 euros
That's what I call the right price! I was happy ;)

I tried to inserting the head on the zipper, it´s same like when you try to fix an old zipper by trying to re-inserting the zipper head,....
I mean, it seemed easy to do it when I was in the shop. I tried, re try,.... try and try again.... finally the zipper gave up on me. Persistence is a good thing ;)..... I mean, we are talking about zipper head here...

First zipper head took me a while, second was smooth,... the third was hard like the first. Then I get the hang of it. I'm relieved, I can carry on with my project.

My (not so) new project these last few days, I used same material like before ....
apparantely I haven't finish them yet, just the red one is practically finish. I supposed to be on my way to do fabric shopping, but I don't want to go, when there is an Olympic game going on there.

I have a story about the organizer bag HERE and how to use the Organizer bag HERE.
I actually have another project to complete but I ran out zipper, and I don´t know where to buy sewing supplies here, I refuse to buy in Chinesse shop, last time I bought laundry clip (1 euro), it was total flop. I´d rather pay more but decent quality, but guess what, I bought wooden laundry clip in the expensive supermarket for 0.75 cents.
oh,... and I still doing aerobic during my busy day. I need to say this, bcoz exercise is good for your body... and soul, I supposed?! I´m doing it 2-3 times a week, not much... sometimes I get the "lazy cow" mode so I skip it, but I try not to. I'm not doing it to lose weight, I'm doing it in the hope to lift up my good positive energy, to feel relax and happy.... that's all that matter in majority people's life, I think...

I do aerobic at home, on my computer and youtube! I also put my trainers shoes to get in the right mood.
The conclusion is, still... more difficult to try to take crisp clear pictures than sewing itself.
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