After more than few times attempts on making kerupuk, I could say that I get my degree already on that, so that I'll share you some tips... you may find it usefull later on.

Once you let your rice soak overnight inside the pots (use the glutinous rice), you can cook the rice by adding a little more water, the measurement of the water level should be (more or else) 2cm from the rice level. Remember, even if you add too much water, it should be just fine. Add the seasoning at this point. Stir once in a while... cook until rice become porridge.

When the water evaporate from the rice, you can see the state of your rice is soft... then it is ready! Let cool room temperature, after that pour the rice dough inside plastic container, where you also lay plastic sheeth underneath, that way it's easy to pull it out when you need to slice the frozen dough.
The following morning, or any morning when the sun is shining happily... take out the frozen dough from the freezer. Defrost for an hour, or until you can slice it. Slice thin... lay it on the baking paper... let it dry under the sun.

In my case, I take out the rice dough from the freezer in the night, and put it in the fridge... then leave it overnight. By the time the morning come, your dough is so tender, easy to slice it.

This method of freezing the dough and slice it afterwards is so much practical than try to shape the dough when is fresh and its not frozen. The nature of the dough is sticky,... soo much that stick on your fingers,....argggg...!!
These kerupuk business is made a hit around the relatives here, meaning they like it... the taste of tasty rice with such a crisp texture... and it's homemade!
Happy Easter everyone!! My sky was blue today, how bout yours?
Let's talk about my outfit,... my husband said.. total cost of my outfit is 1.60 euros! The black tube dress cost me 50 cents, the shoes 50 cents (new-ish), the belt was 60 cents,.. coz I didn't have 50 so I gave the trader 60
I bought them in "el corte ingles", the second hand market.
The vest and the wrist cuff, I made them...
I had my hair swept to one side, as if I follow the trend so much... the truth is I just wash my hair so it was a bit messy un-flattering.
Don't ya feel like having a slice of this plumpy  bread?
I actually feel bad about posting food, coz I ain't a good cook, I admit my limitation in that departement... lol
Just want to show you how I bake the bread with the steamer... another way to bake cake or bread without the oven...

When you have all the time in the world,... sewing mood and fabric scraps... oh yes,, I'd like to decorate my wrist ...
Soooo super easy to make, you won't need any tutorial for this.
here's what I did :
  • Measure your wrist, add 2cm for seam allowance (that would be 1 cm allow. each side), add 2cm for overlap (where you sew the velcro)
  • determine the width, I like it large... so mine is 5cm. Add 2cm for seam allowance.
  • draw the rectangular based on your measurement
  • cut two rectangular
  • sew them together, right side facing each other... leave 2cm open for turning.
  • turn it inside-out, poke the corner, flaten it, press/iron
  • sew the un-sewn part
  • topstitch with decorative thread, I did free motion quilt with yellowish jeans thread
  • attach the velcro
  • at this point you can be imaginative to decorate your cuff, I hand sewn wooden beads left over from someplace about to get into the garbage bin.
Our beloved Kristinaaaaa!!

Honestly, we didn't use the same pattern... but our project turned out to be similar to each other.... hahaha... I have no idea myself??!!
Anyway, allow me to compliment Kristina's jacket... very good looking! The photo aswell outstanding.... really look professional, don't y think?!

and.. about my jacket...errrr... I love it coz I always wanted to have funky jacket- head turning- invite people to commenting such : look at that girl with weird jacket, so out of place.... lol

oh, well... well...... thanks again Kristina... you always made my day ;p
Kristina and I.. we both crazy about that program, Project Runway (Hosted by Heide Klum).... so we try to create one garment inspired by some picture. Kristina kindly chose 3 pictures for me to pick. I chose this one, coz the dark blue-ish color reminds me of denim color...
That's how our project were born. We are going to make something with denim as a main material. We either making Jacket or Pants coz we are off with dress this time, beside... we need to make something that is hard work, tricky and a bit complicated  ^^
Kristina chose to make denim JACKET!! so we go for jacket coz for one girl, one denim jacket wouldn't be enough...
The making of this particular jacket was quite challenging coz I drafted the pattern myself... I didn't expect it will turned out ok... my I must have been lucky these days ^^
I slept with the issue in my head on how to draft the pattern, hahaha...coz this is no trial, I couldn't afford to make an error... I only have 2 meters of denim fabric and some other denim left over pieces. I told Kristina already about my situation on un-able to access fabric shop at the moment... and she's very accomodating. Thanks Kristina ;p
It was very windy when I took the picture. My hair was all nice until the wind messed them .... I forgot to show you the features of this jacket. The jacket has front zippered pocket to keep small things like money or mobile.
The sleeves has opening zipper at the bottom...
You can't see from the pictures but it has two lapels at one side... actually, no use of those lapels, next time I'll skip them.
The legendary Paella made by Mr. G and Ms. Mei Mei, our acquaintances. This is the second times we had Paella at their house. Their Paella is outstanding! If you want to know the tips and trick on how to make it then you ask them directly, ok ^^
Yang item itu dari ketan item, nah yg rengginang itu buatan our beloved Ms.Mei Mei yg kehandalannya di dapur uda legendaris ^^
Halo kerupuk lovers, kemaren ga sengaja beli ketan item... karena ga kemakan semua,... jadilah sisanya dibuat kerupuk.
Buatku rasanya ga terlalu nendang, habis kebanyakan air lagi tuh...tapi mas Gun sukaaaa... karna krupuknya tipis dan crunchy. Aku lebih prefer ketan putih depada item...
Sekarang aku bikin krupuk ga pake resep, main hajar aja... kalo ke enceran ditambahin tapioka. Itu kemaren ga pake Tapioka tapi jadi juga... mana kebanyakan ngasi garem lagi....hehehe
Ini yg kedua kalinya aku ngukus kue selama aku di sini, uda lolos tahap percobaan tempo hari... orang2 dan keluarga Italy pada tercengang cengang ngeliat hasilnya,... kata mereka : kok bisa sih bikin torta pake scola pasta..??!!! hahahahah.... backward bgt deh nih orang2...
Ibu mertua ku aja awal2nya ngetawain, pas aku bilang hari ini bikin kue pake kukusan...

Jadilah ku persembahkan : Brownies kukus!!!
ini yg motong uda keburu laper mata ...pengen disantap aja,, makanya potongannya ga aduhai ^^
Resep yg kupake, resep cemplang cemplung jadi.... hehehe... aku pake Levadura fresca / Lievito di birra.. ga tau nama Indo nya apa... Nah, itu dicairkan pake susu anget suam2 kuku... baru campur ke adonan.
Begitu air kukusan bergolak, baru adonan kumasukin... dikukus selama 30 menit.
Resepnya kira2 begini nih...
  • dark coklat batangan 150gr dicairkan
  • dark coklat batangan 50gr dicacah, jadi total 200gr coklat di dlm satu adonan brownies.
  • nuts,... kaya almond gitu deh
  • kalo pnya dry fruits jg boleh tuh dicampur.
  • telor 1
  • minyak goreng 15 sendok makan
  • gula 3-4 sendok makan
  • baking powder /bicarbonate 1 sendok teh kecil
  • garam se uprit
  • tepung secukupnya, main kira2 aja... kalo adonanku sampe ga netes...jadi padet... ga cair.

cara membuat :

  • kocok telor, minyak goreng dan gula sampe kecampur... iya, ga sampe ngembang..coz tanganku uda pegel duluan.
  • masukin coklat leleh, aduk
  • masukin Lievito yg uda dilelehkan pake susu, aduk
  • masukin tepung dikit dikit sampe adonannya sesuai selera, jgn ke enceran...bikin susah naik.
  • masukin coklat cacah, nuts,...semuanya deh
  • kukus!

HAPPY -KUKUS- COOKING deh kalo gitcuuuuuuuuu

Went out in the afternoon, while the sun was still up high...
The view is beautiful there in the new Alcala seafront... A nice place to spend the afternoon ^^
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