Kristina and I.. we both crazy about that program, Project Runway (Hosted by Heide Klum).... so we try to create one garment inspired by some picture. Kristina kindly chose 3 pictures for me to pick. I chose this one, coz the dark blue-ish color reminds me of denim color...
That's how our project were born. We are going to make something with denim as a main material. We either making Jacket or Pants coz we are off with dress this time, beside... we need to make something that is hard work, tricky and a bit complicated  ^^
Kristina chose to make denim JACKET!! so we go for jacket coz for one girl, one denim jacket wouldn't be enough...
The making of this particular jacket was quite challenging coz I drafted the pattern myself... I didn't expect it will turned out ok... my I must have been lucky these days ^^
I slept with the issue in my head on how to draft the pattern, hahaha...coz this is no trial, I couldn't afford to make an error... I only have 2 meters of denim fabric and some other denim left over pieces. I told Kristina already about my situation on un-able to access fabric shop at the moment... and she's very accomodating. Thanks Kristina ;p
It was very windy when I took the picture. My hair was all nice until the wind messed them .... I forgot to show you the features of this jacket. The jacket has front zippered pocket to keep small things like money or mobile.
The sleeves has opening zipper at the bottom...
You can't see from the pictures but it has two lapels at one side... actually, no use of those lapels, next time I'll skip them.

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