After more than few times attempts on making kerupuk, I could say that I get my degree already on that, so that I'll share you some tips... you may find it usefull later on.

Once you let your rice soak overnight inside the pots (use the glutinous rice), you can cook the rice by adding a little more water, the measurement of the water level should be (more or else) 2cm from the rice level. Remember, even if you add too much water, it should be just fine. Add the seasoning at this point. Stir once in a while... cook until rice become porridge.

When the water evaporate from the rice, you can see the state of your rice is soft... then it is ready! Let cool room temperature, after that pour the rice dough inside plastic container, where you also lay plastic sheeth underneath, that way it's easy to pull it out when you need to slice the frozen dough.
The following morning, or any morning when the sun is shining happily... take out the frozen dough from the freezer. Defrost for an hour, or until you can slice it. Slice thin... lay it on the baking paper... let it dry under the sun.

In my case, I take out the rice dough from the freezer in the night, and put it in the fridge... then leave it overnight. By the time the morning come, your dough is so tender, easy to slice it.

This method of freezing the dough and slice it afterwards is so much practical than try to shape the dough when is fresh and its not frozen. The nature of the dough is sticky,... soo much that stick on your fingers,....argggg...!!
These kerupuk business is made a hit around the relatives here, meaning they like it... the taste of tasty rice with such a crisp texture... and it's homemade!

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