Have you ever fly with budget airline? ....
they only allow 10 kg hand luggage, nothing more,.... not even allow to carry an extra tiny bag,.... to carry a cellphone, a packet of tissue,.... passport or ID card ,... boarding pass,...a pen..?!

Everytime I fly with them, my both hands are always occupied. One hand carrying 10kg luggage, another hand busy with passport and boarding pass, ready to be shown to the hostess. And I also need my cellphone to text my husband, to let him know : I´m boarding now, talk later...

But, where is my cellphone,.... together with other stuff inside my one and only 10 kg luggage...??!!!! I can't be bother to open up my suitcase in that moment... to look for my phone, so not practical.
Not anymore though,... I made this Organizer Wrislet to accomodate my travel essential everytime I'm on the road. This O -Wristlet helps you to be practical, it has two large zippered  pocket.........for safety, has usefull strap for your wrist,... and also good looking to carried around (y'know,...... you may find some travel pouch is so not trendy, so you´d rather not to be practical)
Not only good for travelling, this O-Wristlet also very chic for a night out clutch, simply hide the strap inside.

The O-Wristlet : Trendy and practical, for travelling, wedding occasion, bridesmaid, party & night out ....best also as a charming gift.

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