Speaking about zipper, I just found out ....
that you can buy zipper by the meter. Thanks to my girlfriend who took me to the sewing supplies shop this afternoon. I've been round and round the Chinesse shop (yeaaa,.... I said I wouldn´t go there but I went anyway to four Chinesse bazaar to look for a decent looking and reasonable price zipper). I mean, I need more than one, so I want the right price for sure.
When I went to the shop and asked for zipper, the shop keeper show me the normal zipper (suitable for clothes not bag), cost 50cents each for 30cm long. I thought, the price is almost correct .... but I want to pay cheaper than that ;)
She saw me struggling calculating the cost (.... the cost of zipper?!), then she show me (..fffiiuuhh......finally) the zipper by the meter. She was holding two big bulk rolls of zipper. At first I was confused, where is the beginning and the end of the zipper?!  Then she shows me how to insert the head,... seems easy I thought.
Practically, you buy by the meter (50cents/meter), I asked for 4 meters and I asked 10 pieces of zipper head (5cents each).
Total : 2.50 euros
That's what I call the right price! I was happy ;)

I tried to inserting the head on the zipper, it´s same like when you try to fix an old zipper by trying to re-inserting the zipper head,....
I mean, it seemed easy to do it when I was in the shop. I tried, re try,.... try and try again.... finally the zipper gave up on me. Persistence is a good thing ;)..... I mean, we are talking about zipper head here...

First zipper head took me a while, second was smooth,... the third was hard like the first. Then I get the hang of it. I'm relieved, I can carry on with my project.

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