The very first time I make Bermuda (male pants) for HIM .....
When I looked at the pattern scheme, I got intimidated right away ... that is why I've postponed the project until the last minute when my husband claimed for his "bermuda" .
I supposed to make a joint on the pants, instead I cut it as one piece,... no wonder it drape funny ;(. (Pattern no. 530) size 54 (big for him)
The thing I hate is drafting the pattern, then transfer it to the fabric and cut it. I like when I start to sew especially when it's smooth ....hhmmmm...

I drafted the pattern one size too big for him, I didn't realize ... I must have thought,... better bigger than smaller. I did some alterations here and there,... quiet alot actually.
I assembled the whole pieces first, like attaching the side pockets, make holes for the front panel pockets,...attaching the zipper.... basically everything! The pants has to be 90% ready for him to try it on.
Of course, I was hoping that the pants would just suit him miraculously, but unfortunately some adjustments need to be made.

First the fitting is not correct, Told ya I did some alterations... I tug a bit here and there until it fits him. Done!

Second, the zipper is weak and short, so I replaced the zipper with the bigger one.... hopefully stronger.... and longer. Too bad the color is black. Not just that, I forgot how to attach the front fly zipper,.... so I  re-do a few times.

Third, apparantely he likes his pants to sit between the hip and the waist, mmmhhh... for instance, I only wear low waist for pants and skirt... so for this I agree with him. To adjust to his needs, I lower the waistline by taking 3cm off from the top part.

.... and somehow the side pockets are too heavy for the pants, I know it's due to its material. The material is not fantastic for this type of pattern, it is sort of big fibre cotton, I'm sure there is a name for this type of cotton. I took off one of the side pockets, .... not much of a help though. I even ruin the fabric a little bit ... ;(

After the ordeal, the pants is ready,... still I'm not satisfied, I can do better than that, if only I use different material .... so not cool.
Oh, I don't know if its going to shrink or not after washing.... what a waste of a hardwork if it is going to be ...

He thinks he can get away from my "signature"?... hahaha think again!

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