No matter how I'd love to be at home with my sewing machine, I still need a fresh air once in a while ....
Yesterday morning, me and the two of my girlfriends, we went to Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is the biggest and main town in Tenerife. From where I live it's 60-70 km in motorway. Around 60 minutes to get there...? I think.
Been there a couple of times already with my husband, but this time is with my gfriends, girls out, different feeling.

We stop and parked the car on the basement of the shopping mall, it's free and sheltered from the sun. From there we walked to Corte Ingles (un-necessary expensive), Saturn and return to the shopping mall with many other shops.

I bought a chocolate brown bikini, love it... I'll take a shot when I go to the beach. I went around- in and out the shop to get the right bikini before. I found it in Women Secret..... a lingerie shop. It was on sale, so it's a bargain.

Rebajas is the word I learned for SALE. Saldi in Italian. Every girl should know these words ;)

I get all inspired with so many sun dress around the shops. Can't buy all of them, but I returned home with the urge of sewing a sun dress for my self. Lastnight I started to work on the pattern in my mind, so basically it's still a plain idea in my mind.

Will keep you update though.
Have a nice warm day everyone.


I'm practicing on writing in Indonesian,... sorry if you find a hard way to understant it ;)

By the way, for the upper part of the dress (bust), it's padded so that I can wear it bra-less. The material is batik and for the skirt part it's somekind of cotton. I don't know yet if its going to shrink or not after washing though.
Akhirnya kesampean juga punya daster. Wanita Indo mana sih yg ga suka pake daster, apalagi pas udara sumuk kaya gini. Uda lammmmmaaaa sih ingin jait daster, cuma pas itu ga kesampean, habis pas masih di Bologna, sering pegi pesta... alah.... arisan gitcuuu,... jadi kan kudu bikin baju hang-out, mosok arisan pake daster?!
Berhubung disini nih, ... suasananya summer holiday teyusss,... jadi males kalee bepergian pake baju ribet dan high heels. Yang ada flip flop an gitu. Iya lah,...namanya juga sea side. Udaranya juga warm all year around. Ga pke winter, jaket jaket suka ga kepake. Kadang sih berangin,.... angin sepoi sepoi agak agak twister lah.... hehehe
Sebetulnya asyik jg nulis pake basa ngawur begini,..... cuma ntr kakak iparku gag bisa baca,...ngomel ngomel dia..... Sempet sempetnya ya dia baca yg beginian,...keliatan bgt kan ga da gawean.....hahahaha..... joke!
kata dia sih : I´d like to be inspired by reading your activity.... hahaha...plisss deh,,, padahal sih dia cuma ingin memantau kegiatanku dsni. Whateva lah ya,... ga ganggu sapa sapa ini.
Gotta go nih,... dinner blum ready.... kudu nginem sexxy (x-nya doble karna super seksiiii) lageee... muachhhhhhh

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