Went to the beach today afternoon. I can't remember the beach name, but it's around Callao Salvaje. One of the tourist area....
I sat close to the big rock, the rock come as a shelter, covered me from the direct sun. It was around 4. 30 in the afternoon but the heat was unbearable (for me!).
We were there for less than an hour, but I already drained. I felt the heat fatigue, dizzy,.... a bit hungry (it was an afternoon tea time afterall).... and burnt.
The beach itself was nice. Not so many people around, I mean it's month of August and it was saturday afternoon. But there are so many Playa in this island, so I guess the tourist are spreads around.
The typical beaches in this islands are black sands (volcanic sands), dark blue water and the water is slightly colder than the normal beach (it is an open ocean beach). The water is actually very clean, but bcoz of the black sands, it's hard to see whats underneath. Makes the water doesn't look transparant, but dark.
I deliberately didn't bring my swimming costume. I didn't actually wants to go in the first place,.... to the beach.... in the hot day!
When I arrived back home, I had a strong headache.....actually I still have headache right on this moment. I hope will be gone by tomorrow.
And I wish everyone a wonderful weekend ;)

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