Playa Arena is ....
about (more or less) 10 km away from where I live with car. One of the tourist area, very close to Los Gigantes. The beach itself is not that big, but yesterday I was surprised to see so many people there, the beach was crowded. I actually went to try my new bikini, I was happy. I really like my bikini, I've should buy another. I didn't have the picture of my bikini,... I get all distracted by the amount of people on the beach. I was happy and relaxed, that's all that counts.

Do you see many people standing on the edge of the beach,... yup they were waiting for the waves to hit them. I was there, I followed what people doing, ...  I almost drowned, I couldn't escape fast enough when the waves came, I couldn't run bcoz the sands under my feet drags me toward the ocean instead of helping me to reach the shore.... **what am I babbling about...? The waves was very big and tall... but short.... likes small tsunami. I got all wet and covered with black volcanic sands. It was fun though.

The dark orange cassaca I was wearing is made by me when I was still in Bologna. The material is an Indian silk, one of my favourite bcoz it's light for the hot weather like now. The material is a gift from my sister in law, bought in India, the best gift someone ever gave me,... apart from my new laptop...(my 30th bday gift!). To me parfume and shoes are no longer my favourite gift.... oh yeaa,,,, don't ever buy me clothes... never! but buy me fabric instead pleassseeeee........
The temperature was 31 degrees, but humid ... makes even more feels hot. Even so, I still like summer more than winter.

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