White Sundress

Lately I get all in the mood to sew anything in cotton or linen material. Due to the hot - sometimes windy -weather I guess. But true, I might change my entire wardrobe with organic material only --- as if like I have so many clothes or what?!.
If you pay attention on the neckline it is actually bigger than what it supposed to be. To compensate, I need to make a strap. The straps are made with my (another) left over batik material. First, I wanted to make the straps in white but I thought, to not to make the dress too much (boring) white, .....
batik or pattern straps could do the trick.

The dress has elastic band on the waist. No zipper, no butttons..(oww,..hate buttons!), very easy to wear. That's the whole point thought. Comfort and stylish. I might want to lower the waist band a little, so that will suit me more, not to look like a pregnant woman?!.... tell me what you think ;)

Coz when I get the correct shape, I may want to produce a few for the shop, dunno yet.
I crossed the straps at the back so that they can grab my shoulder more evenly. I hate when my dress fall on one side when it meant to be on the center. Unless if the style call for it, such one shoulder or half shoulder dress.
You see my hands inside both side pockets, to show that I made pockets on the side seams. I can keep my phone and a tissue to blow my nose ;p, oh... I love pockets.... side seam pocket in particular bcoz aside from it's easy to attach,.. it also hidden from outside, so it won't spoil the look of a plain - elegant dress. In my opinion, the simplest the dress, the more elegant one dress can be.

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