Funky Backpack

Do you happen to notice my Funky (enourmous) Backpack?!
It takes a courage to hanging around in the public area with Funky backpack, and it takes someone with a big heart to stand next to someone with a FUNKY BACKPACK!
Anyway, that day was a first day I'm with my F-backpack. Took me more time than usuall to complete the bag. I guess I laid back alot bcoz of the hot weather maybe, not to mention I still couldn't access my other sewing machine (the powerful one), the one I use at the moment is basically a toy.........
Some of these pictures taken when I went to the beach around Las Americas, Tenerife. Las Americas is one of the main tourist area here. Full of tourist, nothing but tourist! When I went, wasn't that crowded thought. I mean it is month of July after all.
We had picnic homemade lunch which was bocadillo, sort of sandwich. We bought the bread in Iceland supermarket, while for the filling, I already prepared chopped tomatoes with olive oil, salt pepper, coriandolo/cilantro (chinesse parsley), and Brie from home. Not much, hey I didn't plan this picnic, I just packed what I found in the fridge. My husband was surprised I manage to prepare them all. And a bottle of water of course.
Some pictures I took during the making of a F-backpack :

One of the important element on my bag is zipper as a closure, so you can be so 100% sure that your belonging is safe inside the bag.

I made a zipper casing. Believe me, it may look like a waste of time by making a case for the zipper, but worth the final look and helps you a lot when you install the whole thing together later on.

This is the frontal pocket. Also with zipper. Secure and neat.
The famous Red BIG Flap on my F-backpack. It's quilted and padded. I sew on my old commercial label Ritney, just for fun.
The F-backpack shell from the front. At first, I thought the bag would turn out small, so I get a bit panic, then I added extra pieces on each side and the bottom, to make the bag bigger. Guess what, turned out enourmous!

The bag shell, viewed from the back. I don't have a special hook for the bag making, so I just did more or less for the straps, the length or so. Seems like work out fine.
Zipper for opening installed on the bag. Very much sense with the zipper casing. To secure even more, I even put snap button there.

Inside the bag, another pocket with zipper, the O ring for keys and lined.
I tell you the downside of my F-backpack, due to its size, it is not suitable for everyday bag. It's more like a weekend bag, you know when you need to go for a short trip, to pack few clothes and such.
Another thing is, due to its faux fur material, makes your skin hot, your back hot, especially in a hot weather like now, OMG... hot!

Last but not least, show me what your needle up to. Share the picture of your creation maybe, anything really... anything that fun and positive. Anything that makes you happy.

Happy sewing everyone.

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