You won't get enough of Teide. The landscape is just so naturally gorgeous,,, makes everyone... awww..
I was imagining how wonderful it would be if I can take a pictures of my creations with the real model professionaly...there, under the blue sky..
Felices anno nuevo 2013!!
What do you think about the overal look of the dress?
Bcoz this dress is a gift for myself for christmas, so I work with special care and attention to the details...
Unfortunately, I chose the wrong pattern for the type of material,... or the other way around,... I'm not sure. This pattern I think would work fantastic on  lightweight material, bcoz the skirt panel is pleated. My material was linen, when I started to pleat... the whole skirt become heavy. And it won't swing easier like it supposed to be... right?!
I've been eyeing this pattern for some time. Waiting for the right ocassion to work with it.

Let see the alterations I made on the original pattern.
  • I chose size 36 Burdastyle magazine, even that it turn out bigger than I expected!
  • I reduce slightly the bodice side seam, make it tighter.
  • The sleeves are too wide and too long.

and,... some obstacles along the way are ...
  • I couldn't find the right zipper. I installed the zipper bought in Chinese shop and break as soon as I pull it. I replace with the one made in Japan.
  • I couldn't find the matching belt to go with it, coz without... the dress is look rather plain.
  • Wrong material

Went to a Christmas lunch with the dress. I dropped some wine on the dress, I think will leave a spot... don't know what to doooooo
I went to join the walking event today. The event is a fight against breast cancer campaign.... something like that anyway. People can make a donation and other stuff.
The dress code was pink. They give you a pink shirt or a pink hat and other pink attributes if you donate some money.
The temperature was ok, 25 degrees... a bit hot for me actually. It was a fun day. We walk while the group band make some noise with drums and other instruments.
This jacket is my second attempt using the same jacket pattern,... I think I'll stop,... I mean so many beautiful pattern ,,, why want to stick only with one..??!!
The material is a left over from my dress on the left.... kind of short faux fur, medium thickness.
Let's commenting what I wear today,... today was a unclear weather. One moment warm, is chill... I wore short sleeves summery dress with black tight underneath,.... and cropped jacket to cover my arm.
My other arm look awkward coz I was actually holding something behind my back.
I went to the second hand market again in Guaza last sunday. After the last time I bought a leather bag for the price of a sandwich, I wanted more... more leather bag!! So I came to the market with this idea in my mind.

I manage to grab a pair of leather ankle boots, my size,... 38, made in Spain (written underneath) and completely flawless for the price of pizza margherita.
I really like the statement heels and the round shape on the front part....
These beautiful bag for a price of a coffee. Seriously! The woman who sells the bag said to me, if I do like the bag I can get it for free... but I gave her a euro and smile... ^^
Basically these trader are ordinary people who want to get rid of their personal belonging, like a garage sale.
There are a few tricks to indentify genuine leather goods. You can burn a little piece of it, check if it smells like plastic or not. You can drop a water or use your saliva on the surface of the leather, see if absorb... means real leather or stay on the surface. You can smell it. In my case I couldn't tell by the smell, it smells old... so I drop a water and it absorb. Also notice the different pattern on each side of the bag, they won't look same one another, not like fabricated plastic.
Everything first time, it is seems harder than it look. This is my first time on making ,... actually replacing the canopy for the patio umbrella.....

I obtain the pattern from the original canopy. I cut one triangle and add the seam allowance. After that I copy the whole 8 pizza shape triangles onto the fabric. Remember to put the pattern cross grain onto the fabric. I Read this article from THREAD Magazine.

My problem was when I need to cut the pieces. My umbrella is huge, it is a Patio (Garden/ terrace) umbrella. I should cut the pieces on the large flat surface, which I don't have. I ended up cutting the pieces on my bedroom floor..... the cleanest floor in the house. It was difficult, especially when you aren't in the mood to do it.

After I miraculously managed to cut all pieces, then comes the fun part which is assemble them together.
I like this pattern. I actually altered the back panel a little, bcoz the original is too wide for my taste. I don't bother to match the plaid though, can't be bother! I replace the original opening which is hook, with zipper.... zipper is easy to install, practical, neat, good looking and gives modern look.
My bag strap spoilt the dramatic look of my jacket.... but my teeth cover the flaw ^.^
This is the outer shell of the jacket before I line it,.... before everything... still raw!
I really like this jacket and on my way to make another ...
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