What do you think about the overal look of the dress?
Bcoz this dress is a gift for myself for christmas, so I work with special care and attention to the details...
Unfortunately, I chose the wrong pattern for the type of material,... or the other way around,... I'm not sure. This pattern I think would work fantastic on  lightweight material, bcoz the skirt panel is pleated. My material was linen, when I started to pleat... the whole skirt become heavy. And it won't swing easier like it supposed to be... right?!
I've been eyeing this pattern for some time. Waiting for the right ocassion to work with it.

Let see the alterations I made on the original pattern.
  • I chose size 36 Burdastyle magazine, even that it turn out bigger than I expected!
  • I reduce slightly the bodice side seam, make it tighter.
  • The sleeves are too wide and too long.

and,... some obstacles along the way are ...
  • I couldn't find the right zipper. I installed the zipper bought in Chinese shop and break as soon as I pull it. I replace with the one made in Japan.
  • I couldn't find the matching belt to go with it, coz without... the dress is look rather plain.
  • Wrong material

Went to a Christmas lunch with the dress. I dropped some wine on the dress, I think will leave a spot... don't know what to doooooo

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