For four days, I stop my schedule due to my sickness. I caught flu,... fever, headache, bone ache, muscle ache,.... mind ache..LOL.. long list of a flu symptom, which I usually avoid with a pain killer. But this occassion, I refused to take one, and endure the agony with a big heart,....hahahaha
I wasn't easy, but my husband assisted me the whole time. Cook my meals, wash the dishes, makes hot drinks (ginger tea, lemon honey tea..) every moment I need, massage my feet and my back and tuck me to bed.
Basically when I was sick, all I can do was sleeping, wake up only for meal and when I need to go to the bathroom. Nothing else,... my body couldn't do it, I was feeling weak... fufufufuf...
I took collidal silver though, one teaspoon for 3 times a day. Like a home remedy. On the day 4th, I could do more,.... I even cooked and showered.
Now I'm in recovery. I need to save my energy and rest. Maybe on monday I can start sewing.
Today is saturday, I went to the veggy market, did some food supplies... all went well. I think I'm going to lay down now, see if I can have a nap ...

I'll see you later,... ciaoo

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