Yucca Root


Some people may not know or never taste Yucca Root before. Or even doesn't how to cook Yucca. This time I choose the simple way to .....
cook Yucca. I cut to pieces Yucca Root (prefereable thin), wash it with clean water, sprinkle it with salt. set aside.

Chop one or two garlic (optional, but I think its give more taste). Set aside.

Make mixture of flour and water. Make it in a way that is dense, not to thick neither too liquid (this is just a guide line, in the end it is up to you). Mix it with the chopped garlic.
Prepare the pan, pour the frying oil, I use olive oil. I didn't do deep fried, only stir fried.

Fry the remaining Yucca until golden brown, crunchy outside, tender inside. Delicious! Great for afternoon snack.
When my husband tasted, he asked for the "salsa"  (dip) to go with it. I made the dip with onion, fresh tomatoes, salt, a squish of lemon juice and chilly.

IstriTeladan note :
Back home in Indonesia, we call it Singkong or Ubi. Many ways on how to cook it. Relatively cheap to buy, while in Europe would cost 3 euros a kilo, more or less.

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