Playa San Juan

Playa San Juan is the closest beach to where I live at the moment. It is only something like 2 km away, 5 minutes with car. One time I walked it from home, I should do it more often, it's just there is no proper walk path, so you end up walking on the side of the road, while the road is a busy one......
There is a small seaport in Playa San Juan, where you can see fishing boats, private boats or any other little boat. There you can buy fresh tuna for 10euros. Usually it is 4 kilos for one tuna fish.
The beach itself is a bit rocky with little layer of black sand, if you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of the waves hit the rock.
There is a long walkpath going up, where leads you to a mirador (sightseeing spot). From there you can see the whole of Playa San Juan, the beach, the port and the little town.
That day was a bit windy and cloudy, that's why I wore a jeans jacket. Otherwise I would have wear a tank top.

Next time I walk there again, I'll make sure I wear a walking shoes though.

There are few benches, where you can sit down and relax, looking out the sea. I personally like to sit there instead of sitting on the sand.
Every wednesday morning I go to Playa San Juan, to buy fruits and veggy on the local market in the square of this little town. Sometimes I get free bananas, avocado or tomatoes from the vendor. According to them, the fruits and veggy they sell are coming from their own farm, more natural compare to the supermarket.
After shopping, I sometimes go to the beach, sit on the bench for 20 minutes to distract my mind and to get some fresh air then go home.

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