All pictures are courtesy of my girlfriend. She kindly took my photos that night while I was busy enjoying her delicious homemade cooking on the dining table, I couldn't be bother to mess around with the camera. Thank you Ibu Mei Mei ^.^
I knew since the day I bought the material that this is such a perfect pattern for night out. So daring bold pattern on the black background. Even by chance I chose the right design... figure hugging style with 3/4 sleeves..awesome!. Took me forever to draft the pattern, I spent whole day only for that, coz by the time I finished drafting, my energy dropped. ...but when I was cutting the fabric the following day, everything went smooth. The material is elastane, no need of a zipper..... so I already spare my time there. I even manage to clean up my kitchen before going to the party. The size was perfect! I ussually do the fitting many times before I get the right fit.
I don't like the dress, but I LOVE IT.... so much that when I arrive back home, I didn't actually want to take it off. The downside of material is it's synthetic. It absorb the bad smells very quickly. I did make sure I put sufficient parfume on me before wearing the dress, but still the time I got home, I could smell the smoke cigarette smell on the dress... horrible!
The party went beyond perfect. Great host, fine hospitality, wonderful friends, delicious food and wine... the list is endless.. so greatful final night of 2012.... couldn't ask for more. And now I have what they called : New Year's Bluessssssssss......

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