it's me...me...meeee!!!
Our beloved Kristinaaaaa!!

Honestly, we didn't use the same pattern... but our project turned out to be similar to each other.... hahaha... I have no idea myself??!!
Anyway, allow me to compliment Kristina's jacket... very good looking! The photo aswell outstanding.... ck...ck.... really look professional, don't y think?!

and.. about my jacket...errrr... I love it coz I always wanted to have funky jacket- head turning- invite people to commenting such : look at that girl with weird jacket, so out of place.... lol

oh, well... well...... thanks again Kristina... you always made my day ;p
Me and Kristina review one Burdastyle pattern.
Hers is glamourous, I know... while mine is office dress,...boring! ;)... I had so much fun sewing one project, knowing someone also doing the same. Give you courage and motivation and positive vibes. Thanks Kristina, we should do it again later ^^.
Not so everyday dress, actually looks like Ms. Anastasia Steel going to the office dress!!!
My Christmas dress
Kristina's Christmas dress
I coincidentally made the Burdastyle dress, based on the same pattern as Kristina's. So after that, we also had the same idea on reviewing one dress  pattern,... still from BS. Meaning : we will be making the BS dress with our own personal touch, then upload it on BS on the same date, which's on the 31 of january 2013.
I did the pleats, more or less but precise..hahahah... as I don't want to go crazy doing those parts alone.
I've been eyeing this pattern for some time. I wanted to make the dress on black linen material...something formal. But when I read the instructions, its say work with stretch material only. And I don't have any of black stretchy fabric. So I was a bit annoyed with the choice of pattern. On the other hand,I do really want to review this pattern.
I don't plan to look -oh, you think ur diva- or something with the dark shades, but honestly the afternoon sun blinded me...
I came across this sober green out from my stash. It's cotton blend and elastane! Looking at the colour, I decided to make an-everyday-dress instead of once-in-a-while dress,.. ^^,... but then, where do you think ur going dress up like that??!!!
I like it with the belt, my husband prefer without. How bout you?
Now, I'm going to write about the technical issues with this pattern.
  • I'm not sure I'm going to make another dress with this pattern, the chest panel is surely time consuming task.
  • The fitting was nearly perfect. I trace the smallest size, no altering in my case, oh... that's rare..
  • Did I say already about the horror pleats??!! Please straight to Melissa's blog, she's explain well... thanks Melissa, I didn't bother with BS Instructions, I read your blog before I cut the fabric. I have my pleats sewn closed.
  • My green fabric barely make it for the sleeves. I cut the sleeves from different material, I'm so cheap ;p... I almost make it sleeveless, thank Goodness I keep them intact.
  • I shortened the length of the dress and draw the side seam skirt slightly wider.
  • Ah,... yes the neckline! I don't understand why mine is higher though... I attach a small little hooks on the opening, otherwise the collar doesn't want to stand still.
Oh well,... I think I like the dress... just wonder where I can go to...?!
Thanks for reading ^^
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