Went out in the afternoon, while the sun was still up high...
The view is beautiful there in the new Alcala seafront... A nice place to spend the afternoon ^^
You won't get enough of Teide. The landscape is just so naturally gorgeous,,, makes everyone... awww..
I was imagining how wonderful it would be if I can take a pictures of my creations with the real model professionaly...there, under the blue sky..
Felices anno nuevo 2013!!
I went to join the walking event today. The event is a fight against breast cancer campaign.... something like that anyway. People can make a donation and other stuff.
The dress code was pink. They give you a pink shirt or a pink hat and other pink attributes if you donate some money.
The temperature was ok, 25 degrees... a bit hot for me actually. It was a fun day. We walk while the group band make some noise with drums and other instruments.
I went to the second hand market again in Guaza last sunday. After the last time I bought a leather bag for the price of a sandwich, I wanted more... more leather bag!! So I came to the market with this idea in my mind.

I manage to grab a pair of leather ankle boots, my size,... 38, made in Spain (written underneath) and completely flawless for the price of pizza margherita.
I really like the statement heels and the round shape on the front part....
These beautiful bag for a price of a coffee. Seriously! The woman who sells the bag said to me, if I do like the bag I can get it for free... but I gave her a euro and smile... ^^
Basically these trader are ordinary people who want to get rid of their personal belonging, like a garage sale.
There are a few tricks to indentify genuine leather goods. You can burn a little piece of it, check if it smells like plastic or not. You can drop a water or use your saliva on the surface of the leather, see if absorb... means real leather or stay on the surface. You can smell it. In my case I couldn't tell by the smell, it smells old... so I drop a water and it absorb. Also notice the different pattern on each side of the bag, they won't look same one another, not like fabricated plastic.
Apparently,,, this is my first time creating the front placket for a dress ....
When I was working on this dress,,, I didn't notice that the opening is a placket opening. I thought, placket opening wouldn't put me in the hair pulling situation ... lol.... I searched on the internet, couldn't actually find the instructions that fit my need. In the end,,, I solved with my own way of attaching front placket,,... I'll show you how I did it in the next post, when I sew dress for my sister.... yeaaaa... I'm going to sew another dress from the same pattern, I might do some alteration coz apart from the placket, this one is relatively easy to sew, and I don't want to stress myself out this moment of PMS!
I wore the dress with obi belt, but according to my husband taste, he likes it more without, too bad I didn't have the pic, when I wear the dress lose...
I walked outward, and then toward my husband so that he can take a picture of natural me,... coz otherwise I can't help not to pose ;p
When I saw this white impeccable vespa,.. I thought,,, yaayyyy!!! I want a picture with her...!!... so there I was, a little awkward... bcoz I was afraid the owner will yell at me,.. ^^
Pictures above are taken in the town of Santa Cruz Tenerife, they have a botanical,.... I think... garden which is superb! Full with big trees... very relaxing spot in the middle of this town. The only thing I dislike from this town is that, they don't have sufficient parking space for the car. Many cars parked illegally on the road, very much disorder. We forced to do the 45 minutes round to park the car. Stressfull!
I went to the beach today ....
to celebrate : me recovered from the fever few days ago ^^,... a happy day. It was nice bcoz the beach was free from the tourist,...hahaha .. all tourist went home already, they will come again in december though,...  Too bad it was very wavy. The coastguard put up a RED Flag, means : not allow to swim! The guy keep whistling to everyone everytime someone come close to the water.... annoying, really.
We went to the same place like last time, Playa Arena. Usually we go to Playa San Juan,  it's closer than any other.... and the water is relatively calmer... bcoz it's a bay...
btw, I haven't start sewing .... my sewing mojo isn't return yet.... very sad...hahaha
Playa Arena is ....
about (more or less) 10 km away from where I live with car. One of the tourist area, very close to Los Gigantes. The beach itself is not that big, but yesterday I was surprised to see so many people there, the beach was crowded. I actually went to try my new bikini, I was happy. I really like my bikini, I've should buy another. I didn't have the picture of my bikini,... I get all distracted by the amount of people on the beach. I was happy and relaxed, that's all that counts.

Do you see many people standing on the edge of the beach,... yup they were waiting for the waves to hit them. I was there, I followed what people doing, ...  I almost drowned, I couldn't escape fast enough when the waves came, I couldn't run bcoz the sands under my feet drags me toward the ocean instead of helping me to reach the shore.... **what am I babbling about...? The waves was very big and tall... but short.... likes small tsunami. I got all wet and covered with black volcanic sands. It was fun though.

The dark orange cassaca I was wearing is made by me when I was still in Bologna. The material is an Indian silk, one of my favourite bcoz it's light for the hot weather like now. The material is a gift from my sister in law, bought in India, the best gift someone ever gave me,... apart from my new laptop...(my 30th bday gift!). To me parfume and shoes are no longer my favourite gift.... oh yeaa,,,, don't ever buy me clothes... never! but buy me fabric instead pleassseeeee........
The temperature was 31 degrees, but humid ... makes even more feels hot. Even so, I still like summer more than winter.
I went to the flea market this morning....
it was around 10 am, so the sun wasn't on the highest, otherwise I'll have another headache like yesterday.
The market full of unexpected items. I saw a few old and vintage sewing machine,... they want 67euro or something, I thought if they want 20 euros, I'd like to take it home with me ;p
They have tools, clothes... maybe second hand.  Shoes,... they look second hand!,... cooker, oven, many.... so many...
The market set on the open space, that's why I said, it was hot! I was lucky at least I have my hat and scarf to cover up.
The market is every sunday, in La Galletas. I think 10 am was a bit late, may worth to be there at 8 am.

I only took one shot of the market, bcoz my husband said,... "oh, come on... we aren't tourist anymore..."
so I felt out of place to take a picture, silly me...
Went to the beach today afternoon. I can't remember the beach name, but it's around Callao Salvaje. One of the tourist area....
I sat close to the big rock, the rock come as a shelter, covered me from the direct sun. It was around 4. 30 in the afternoon but the heat was unbearable (for me!).
We were there for less than an hour, but I already drained. I felt the heat fatigue, dizzy,.... a bit hungry (it was an afternoon tea time afterall).... and burnt.
The beach itself was nice. Not so many people around, I mean it's month of August and it was saturday afternoon. But there are so many Playa in this island, so I guess the tourist are spreads around.
The typical beaches in this islands are black sands (volcanic sands), dark blue water and the water is slightly colder than the normal beach (it is an open ocean beach). The water is actually very clean, but bcoz of the black sands, it's hard to see whats underneath. Makes the water doesn't look transparant, but dark.
I deliberately didn't bring my swimming costume. I didn't actually wants to go in the first place,.... to the beach.... in the hot day!
When I arrived back home, I had a strong headache.....actually I still have headache right on this moment. I hope will be gone by tomorrow.
And I wish everyone a wonderful weekend ;)

Playa San Juan

Playa San Juan is the closest beach to where I live at the moment. It is only something like 2 km away, 5 minutes with car. One time I walked it from home, I should do it more often, it's just there is no proper walk path, so you end up walking on the side of the road, while the road is a busy one......
There is a small seaport in Playa San Juan, where you can see fishing boats, private boats or any other little boat. There you can buy fresh tuna for 10euros. Usually it is 4 kilos for one tuna fish.
The beach itself is a bit rocky with little layer of black sand, if you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of the waves hit the rock.
There is a long walkpath going up, where leads you to a mirador (sightseeing spot). From there you can see the whole of Playa San Juan, the beach, the port and the little town.
That day was a bit windy and cloudy, that's why I wore a jeans jacket. Otherwise I would have wear a tank top.

Next time I walk there again, I'll make sure I wear a walking shoes though.

There are few benches, where you can sit down and relax, looking out the sea. I personally like to sit there instead of sitting on the sand.
Every wednesday morning I go to Playa San Juan, to buy fruits and veggy on the local market in the square of this little town. Sometimes I get free bananas, avocado or tomatoes from the vendor. According to them, the fruits and veggy they sell are coming from their own farm, more natural compare to the supermarket.
After shopping, I sometimes go to the beach, sit on the bench for 20 minutes to distract my mind and to get some fresh air then go home.

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