When I saw this quote, I thought --oh ,,dear... it is soooo me! Let me explain why..
Once people knows that I'm familiar with sewing, they first question or request are usually : "can you shortening my pants?... or can you fix this?.... fix that? "
At first, I didn't have the heart to say NO, eventhough I hate even the thought of doing it--- depress me right away.
As you can see the quote above, I simply don't mend! I really better off clean the toilet bowl than mending someone elses clothes, --to take it to extreme... oh, I actually prefered.

Long ago, I used to mend people clothes. I made business out of it. I charged 5 euros to shortening pants or skirt. I might charge more like 10 euros for alterations, any kind. I made my circle of clients, made some money, but I also depressed. But when I create something... anything from scratches, I´m over the moon. I satisfy, I feel complete.

"Asking a seamstress to mend is like asking Michelangelo to paint your garage"

Can I actually make my point with this.......?

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