Do you see the football pitch behind me??!!
Maxi dress for a change ^^
One simple basic easy pattern for these dresses.
I use left over material except for the stripes, it's a new fabric.
Old obi belt folded in two, wore it on the hip.
I worked with serger / overlock machine.

Went out already with the girls for a coffee,... but then why I didn't take any picture of our meeting..??!!!!
It was our 6th anniversary,... and I accidentaly cook! I made fried prawns and squid with flour, potatoes puree and stir fried veggy. The fried food was delicious,... but honestly, heavy to digest. So,... happy anniversary!
Apparently,,, this is my first time creating the front placket for a dress ....
When I was working on this dress,,, I didn't notice that the opening is a placket opening. I thought, placket opening wouldn't put me in the hair pulling situation ... lol.... I searched on the internet, couldn't actually find the instructions that fit my need. In the end,,, I solved with my own way of attaching front placket,,... I'll show you how I did it in the next post, when I sew dress for my sister.... yeaaaa... I'm going to sew another dress from the same pattern, I might do some alteration coz apart from the placket, this one is relatively easy to sew, and I don't want to stress myself out this moment of PMS!
I wore the dress with obi belt, but according to my husband taste, he likes it more without, too bad I didn't have the pic, when I wear the dress lose...
I walked outward, and then toward my husband so that he can take a picture of natural me,... coz otherwise I can't help not to pose ;p
When I saw this white impeccable vespa,.. I thought,,, yaayyyy!!! I want a picture with her...!!... so there I was, a little awkward... bcoz I was afraid the owner will yell at me,.. ^^
Pictures above are taken in the town of Santa Cruz Tenerife, they have a botanical,.... I think... garden which is superb! Full with big trees... very relaxing spot in the middle of this town. The only thing I dislike from this town is that, they don't have sufficient parking space for the car. Many cars parked illegally on the road, very much disorder. We forced to do the 45 minutes round to park the car. Stressfull!
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