Luckily I went to the flea market this morning,....
seriously,... you won't know what you might find in this secondhand market. I didn't want to go at first, bcoz it was sunny,... oh, well it is always sunny most of the time here.. but luckily.. again!.... my husband pushed me to go with him. In fact he didn't get anything this time.
I managed to get a small leather bag, Italian brand for 5 euro. My husband tried to bargain for 4 euro,.... ha! the guy refused to give us. The bag is practically new, ... I check entirely for some defect but couldn't find any. So.. lucky,... again!..
I also bought a pair of newish sunglasses for 2 euro!!! Defect-less ...
I blogged about the market already HERE long ago if you fancy to check the market yourself... just don't forget to gear up yourself with hat, sunglasses, bottle of water,.... I even carried parasol with me,.. I was glad for that.
Every saturday morning,...
there is an organic vegetables market in Adeje. It is very close to Lidl, right in front of Macro,.. so you won't get lost when you try to reach the market. I often go there to fill up my fridge with real and fresh food. You see,... I cut on package food alot these days. I try to eat only fresh veggy and fresh fruits. Even better if I can get the organic one, I'd rather pay more than eat rubbish ready meal microwave food,... I mean seriously, it's bad.... very bad for human health
That particular saturday morning, I was indeed dressed up... apply lipstick which I rarely use these day... That's why I insisted so much to have my picture taken. My husband kept saying,..: don't pose.. don't pose,... stand straight without posing,... Uffaaaaa!!! no fun having your picture taken without posing isn't it? I can't actually remember when I didn't pose everytime my pict taken.... oh well, surely posing is not a crime ...

I made the dress looonngggg timmmeee ago ,... however, the white bolero is a left over material, recently made. I added the belt, which I like more than without for this dress. Without the belt, really show my belly in evidence... and I dislike it. So the belt meant to work as a distraction in this case.
I went to the beach today ....
to celebrate : me recovered from the fever few days ago ^^,... a happy day. It was nice bcoz the beach was free from the tourist,...hahaha .. all tourist went home already, they will come again in december though,...  Too bad it was very wavy. The coastguard put up a RED Flag, means : not allow to swim! The guy keep whistling to everyone everytime someone come close to the water.... annoying, really.
We went to the same place like last time, Playa Arena. Usually we go to Playa San Juan,  it's closer than any other.... and the water is relatively calmer... bcoz it's a bay...
btw, I haven't start sewing .... my sewing mojo isn't return yet.... very sad...hahaha
I made this plate after my friend, Cecilia kindly brought me the ready made peanut sauce package . Let see what I add to spicen up this Indonesian home dish....
First of all, I use the ready made peanut sauce, I just add hot water. You can buy this in Asian or International supermarket. But if you really want to make th sauce from scratch then follow this recipe,... it's optional, coz in the end it is up to your preference.

Peanut Sauce recipe :
  • 100 gr peanuts (fried or roasted), crush until powdery.

Blend all these ingredients below and mix it with the blended peanuts.

  • 2 garlics
  • chilli
  • 1tsp salt
  • 1tsp roasted shrimp paste (if you like)
  • 25gr palm sugar
  • 1tsp lime juice
  • 100cc water (watch the consistency of the sauce, you like it liquid or a bit dense)

That's for the peanuts sauce, congratulations if you manage to make it from scratch.
In my case, I use this list of vegetables below :
  • fresh carrots, beetrout, tomatoes, and courgette
  • boiled beans sprout
  • boiled eggs
  • fresh coriander
Additional :

  • shrimp cracker
  • pan fried cereal bread from Lidl (when it fried, it can be tempe substitute)
Honestly,... when you live abroad, somehow you manage to be creative in the kitchen once in a while. I'm not good at cooking, it's just accidentaly cook.
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