My friend, Ibu Mei Mei called the other day to informed that we were invited to a dinner with Mrs. Ambassador (Indonesia for Spain). I've never been to a formal dinner before with The diplomat. ... Help!!!!!!!!! I don't know how to dress!
I don't like to sew with synthetic material, but in this case... it's gonna be a night-time occasion, and I need the sheen where I can only obtain it from synthetic material,...or from real Silk,.. which too much out of reach, I right??!!
To be honest, I actually worried wearing synthetic dress bcoz it absorb the bad body odour easily... even though I had to rely my self confident only on my perfume that night,... hahaha
We went to dine in Italian restaurant around Playa Americas. The restaurant is calm, cosy, classy, affordable and relax at the same time. I had a plate of Papardelle with carbonara sauce, which was superb. And my husband get the same type of pasta with Mushrooms sauce, which I like it more,.. more delicate and creamy taste... I had a fork from his plate...
We also had a bottle of House wine and strawberry with a scoop of chocolate ice cream for me, while he had a coffee.
The dinner and the meeting went smoothly,... I proven to worry for nothing in the end.
This is the second time I review this pattern from BS magazine. The first time was HERE
I didn't quite satisfied with the 1st dress. But this time is outstanding! I really like the dress, much... it hurt! I could tell I hit the jackpot on picking up the material for this dress. P.E.R.F.E.C.T!!
I took liberty changing the collar, didn't actually turn up like what I imagine it, but didn't come out bad either. The sleeves are 3/4 length, but I fold little bit inside coz otherwise I couldn't move my arms. It's absolutely a non stretch synthetic material, remember...!!????
I actually wore homemade petticoat underneath. My husband prefered without, but I'm in the mood for the whole Cinderella dress.
When I was in the making of this dress, I imagined Ms. Steele dress.... the one Mr. Grey like to unzip it in The fifty shades of Grey.
I can't say it's an easy pattern to work on. Many times I almost give up on finishing the dress and switch into something easier pattern than this. But if you can choose the right material, then it surely such a head turning dress.
12/5/2015 02:32:37 pm

That's a great idea anyway. I am about to explore these things on my own and thanks to all the stuff shared from this site.


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