Of course I remember very well when I spent the night at the Stansted Airport London. It is a very nice, clean, spacefull airport free hotel  I've ever been ^^.. no matter how comfortable that is,... I actually prefer to be able to go straight home,... but...
sometimes you just can't! and to patiently stay at the airport for 6 hours or so,,,... can save you money and hassle.

Stansted location is not really on the way. It is out of town. The faster and expensive way to reach/leave Stansted is by Stansted Express. I mean,... really fast and convenient to your time but not to your pocket though... hahaha
The other economic way is to catch Easy Bus. Book online to get a good deal such 2 pounds per person.

Anyway,... speaking of which,,, very often happen to us that we need to stay/sleep at the airport. Usually as soon as I arrive, I go straight to look for a suitable spot to lay my back. Might be in the corner, near the heater and far from the sliding door or hallway. If I manage to grab a few sit without the arm holder, where I can sleep... I sleep on the chair, otherwise I sleep on the floor with the newspaper,... put your jacket on, the floor is cold!
After I book my spot, I go get myself a cuppa tea for less than 2 pounds,... eat something such snack or sandwich,.... wash my teeth .. Stansted rest rooms are CLEAN,.... set the alarm... so I won't miss the flight... and peacefully sleeping.. or at least try to...

The security there know that you sleep at the airport bcoz of many valid reasons,... so they don't bother you AT ALL.

That is Stansted,...  so don't cha worry eh,... if that occassion come  to you

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