Today is the third day of my daily housewife schedule ,....
Good afternoon every Istri Teladan, I woke up a bit late this morning, it was 8am. It wasn't dark anymore, I can hear many cars passes by from our apt. I think it was perfect time for me, I mean the "wake up" time. At 7 am, I already awake, but I remember I watched Burlesque last night for the second time.... I do love the movie!, ...........then washed the dishes, washed my teeth... messing in the toilet,... it was already past midnight. Eventhough I was tired, I couldn't sleep straight away. I tried to shut my eyes thightly,... but they won't shut completely. I wished to fell asleep naturally but it didn't happen,.... huhuhhuhu

That is why, I thought wake up at 8am is actually best for me ....

After I set up my daily schedule, I can see how much actually I have a potential free time to do the things I like to do. Let me show you my recent schedule :

  • 08.00 : I wake up, straight to the toilet, make coffee and tea, go online (fb, check mails, etc.... when I woke up at 7am, I also did blogging)
  • 09.00 : Make bfast and start to wake up my husband.
  • 10.00 : from 10am, depends on the day.... I can go out to do food shopping 2 times a week, do aerobic and take a long shower, simply go to the beach til lunch time, sewing, spanish lesson (online on the internet) or do general cleaning in the house (once a week)... I set up the complete schedule already, on which day I supposed to do this or that.
  • 13.00-14.00 : this is lunch time, complete with coffee afterward.
  • 15.00 : I practically free, usually I do some sewing.... but if I can't help  feeling sleepy then I'll have  an hour nap (an hour! with alarm set on)
  • 17.00 : time for afternoon snack, either fruits mix, bread & butter or pancake.
  • 19.30 : start to think about dinner, what to prepare etc
  • 20.30 : dinner
  • 21.00 onward : I completely free
  • 23.00 : off to bed after I wash the dishes etc

Now is 2pm, we lunched already.... I'm going to make coffee and do sewing after that. I hope I won't need any napping ^^

Have a nice afternoon everyone ...

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