Morning istri Teladan,,,, Second day of my new schedule,....
Today is my second day, I should finish the whole one week and then review the schedule. Yesterday, I had an hour nap after I sew for an hour,.... then I got a "knock out" effect, so I lay down.... I set the alarm too to make sure I didn't break the time allowance,.... LOL

Today is sunday, there is a flea market in La galletas... later I inform my husband at 9am, ..see if he interested to go,... by himself bcoz I can't stand the heat there,... instead of helping... my presence would burden him to look the stuff peacefully, coz I'll complain about the heat etc..
Last time he went there without me, he manage to grabbed a bunch of good quality zipper for me.... yeaaa,,, I remember now, coz last sunday I had a tremendous abdominal pain cause by trapped wind.

Otherwise, we'll go to the beach today. Then I would come if that's the case.

Have a fantastic sunday morning everyone ....

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