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Aku ga sengaja nemuin komik ini pas ngubek2 mangafox. Sebelum buang2 waktu ngebaca, kudu cek gambarnya dulu.... kalo gambarnya bagus lanjut..... cuma kalo gambar ok, cerita gitu2 aja juga malesss. Tapi ini bagus dan lucu kok... lucu banget! jadi suka ketawa2 sndiri. Gambarnya juga keren. Aku uda baca semua, tapi masih bersambung.... Selain itu banyak adegan2 romantissss,.... oh, I actually like romance!
Check the chapter I like down here :
  • Vol 28 ch 113 : Kyouhei kiss Sunako to fool the pretty boy who happened to have a crush on him, bcoz in his mind... Kyouhei resemble his old girlfriend... silly..... Sunako beat him up for kissed her unexpectedly.
  • Vol 01 ch 001 : First encounter,...Kyouhei forces Sunako to show her face. He also shows Sunako that he actually care for her and have a kind heart ...
  • Vol 01 ch 002 : Kyouhei protects Sunako from people at school who tries to take a picture of Sunako's face,... they shows some bond already!
  • Vol 01 ch 003 : Sunako take care of sick Kyouhei.... I don't remember what is all about this chapter.
  • Vol 01 ch 004 : Sunako save him from male brothel or something, Kyouhei is about to b sold as a sex slave,... LOL....and Kyouhei kiss her on the head as a thank you gesture.
  • Vol 01 ch 005 : Kyouhei tries to make stubborn Ugly-girl-syndrome Sunako open up to the outside world.... such a sweet guy inside that Kyouhei...
  • Vol 02 ch 006 : School festival, Kyouhei protect Sun from falling jars off the shelf .... Kyouhei kiss Sunako on the cheek for give up the money reward for him.
  • Vol 02 ch 007 : They spend the Xmas together at home when the rapist come around. kyouhei fell asleep on her laps.... sweet.
  • Vol 02 ch 008 : Sunako posessed by a female ghost, Kyouhei need to kiss her to snap her back to her senses.
  • Vol 02 ch 009 : The boys and Sunako go on hotspring trip,... Sunako overdoing when playing tennis table and fainted so Kyouhei need to carry her to her room.
  • Vol 03 ch 010 : Still on the hotspring,Kyouhei save her from the fire- burning room.... and tease her to kiss her again.
  • Vol 03 ch 011 : About Sun hates math.. well who doesn't?,... get all stressed out and sick.... no romantic scene ;(
  • Vol 03 ch 012 : Sun still make a fust about the previous kissed and getting all unreasonably worked out.
  • Vol 03 ch 013 : No romantic scene... The photographer wants to take a picture of Sunako wearing a nice dress which get refused, but then Yuki ... dresses up like a girl and replaced her.
  • Vol 03 ch 014 : A gangster boss has crush on Sun,... Sun get kidnapped... Kyouhei save her and get all beaten up ..covered in blood...
  • Vol 04 ch 015 : Hot summer in Japan, the boys reward Sun with a clean swimming pool and pamper her,... nice chapter.
  • Vol 04 ch 016 : Kyouhei take Sun on a supposedly romantic date so that Sun will get familiar with dating and stuff. They have fun playing at the game center instead of watching a French movie.
  • Vol 04 ch 017 : To fool the land lady, Kyouhei hypnotise Sun to play the part and act as a couple.... weird couple..
  • Vol 04 ch 018 : Somehow Sun woke up and missed the Halloween, she get all sad and depressed so she doesn't want to do anything else...like do the house chores... but live in misery in the dark. In the end the boys and Naie throw a late halloween party to cheer her up. No romantic scene for Kyouhei and Sunako-chan.
  • Vol 05 ch 019 : Everyone at school discovered that Sunako lives and very familir with the boys, so Sun gets bully ... that's all.
  • Vol 05 ch 020 : V-days, the boys get bully by the girls... Sunako loves chocolates. No romantic scene.
  • Vol 05 ch 021 : Sunako's father come to visit, aswell her mother.... there's misunderstanding between Sun's father and Kyouhei. No love scene.
  • Vol 05 ch 022 : About the land lady return to the house and get moody.
  • Vol 06 ch 023 : The continuation of land lady an the boys without Sun-chan,.... no fun!
  • Vol 06 ch 024 : Sunako and the boys went to Hokkaido to visit Sun's childhood friends. Kyouhei protects Sun-chan from the falling tree branch and hurt himself so Sun-chan needs to carry him on her back... home.
  • Vol 06 ch 025 : Sunako get a role in a horror movie,....she even plays the piano... flop though.
  • Vol 06 ch 026 : A swimming competition at school, Sunako wears a weird swimming costume.... No romance.
  • Vol 07 ch 027 : Sunako eats funny mushrooms which turns her to be a girly girl.  At first, the boys are happy until they become uneasy to live with a girly girl. Fun chapter.
  • Vol 07 ch 028 : Ranmaru's story with a child who claimed to be his.
  • Vol 07 ch 029 : Land lady's story .... exploded Sun-chan torture house. No romance!
  • Vol 07 ch 030 : Encounter with male ghost in the hospital. Sun-chan tries to help him to search for his lost love letter, ended up being save from falling out the window by Kyouhei.
  • Vol 08 ch 031.1 : Oda's story
  • Vol 08 ch 031.2 : Continuation of Oda's story
  • Vol 08 ch 032.1 : Old granny wants to inherit Sunako with her collections of scary stuff, the boys try to stop it from happening.
  • Vol 08 ch 032.2 : Continuation
  • Vol 08 ch 033 : Sunako's get excited to find a corpse under the tree. No romance.
  • Vol 08 ch 034 : The boys work part time in the fancy restaurant,... they miss Sunako's home cooking meal.
  • Vol 09 ch 035 : Land lady lock Kyouhei and Sunako inside the lovey room, hoping them to get intimate.... nothing really happened.... just Kyouhei is so kind toward her,.... sweet.
  • Vol 09 ch 036 : Continuation of trying to make Sunako a lady.
  • Vol 09 ch 037 : Kyouhei returns to his hometown with Sunako and the boys,..... get captured by his own neighboors.
  • Vol 09 ch 038 : Kyouhei meet with his parents in his parents home, with Sunako... his feeling get hurt boz his mother mistreated him and Sunako said something cruel about not want to live with him.
  • Vol 10 ch 039 : Sunako regreted what she said earlier to Kyouhei and ask him to return home.... lure him with fried shrimp,... they meet again... staring at each other...
  • Vol 10 ch 040 : Kyouhei and Sunako competing in a sport competition at school. Funny chapter.
  • Vol 10 ch 041 : Ranmaru's story
  • Vol 10 ch 042 : Kyouhei and Sunako go to the market to buy the ingredients to make Japanesse meal.... Sunako build a table to granted Kyouhei's wish.
  • Vol 11 ch 043.1 : Naie and Ojou sama take Sunako to a Spa.
  • Vol 11 ch 043.2 : Continuation of girls day out.
  • Vol 11 ch 044.1 : Kyouhei and the boys are worried about Sunako's well being after her doll went missing. Especially Kyouhei is soooo sweetttt to her, he cuddle her to sooth her.
  • Vol 11 ch 044.2 : Kyouhei went to get Sunako's doll back .... sweet chapter.
  • Vol 11 ch 045.1 : Sunako's male fans at school makes Kyouhei annoyed.
  • Vol 11 ch 045.2 : Kyouhei and Sunako's bond. Romantic!



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